City of Charlotte, NC (Convention Center Project) Official Statement

Taxable Certificates of Participation
(Convention Facility Project), Series 2015A
evidencing proportionate undivided interests in rights to receive
certain Revenues under the Amended and Restated Installment 
Purchase Contract with the

City of Charlotte, North Carolina

BofA Merrill Lynch

J.P. Morgan        PNC Capital Markets LLC

Par Amount: $39,335,000
Bond Counsel: Parker, Poe, Adams & Bernstein L.L.P.
Financial Advisor: DEC Associates, Inc.
Lead Manager: BofA Merrill Lynch
State: NC
Region: Southeast
Type: Negotiated
Rating: Moody's: , S&P:


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Financial Advisor:

DEC Associates, Inc.
2133 Southend Dr, Unit 306
Charlotte, NC 28203

Jeremy A. Carter    (704) 334-7479
Andrew D. Carter    (704) 334-7480